Datavisualization - Rotterdam

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At a hackathon I made a datavisualisation about Rotterdam.

For the hackathon, I developed the concept "the tears of Rotterdam" with my group. Here every drop was a unit. The units were divided into categories: victims, bombs, homeless people and destroyed buildings. As an idea for the poster, I came up with the idea to draw a face with tears.

Three big tears are divided among the tears. Here I show the data. I have divided each tear into two or three categories. At first you see the amount of bombs and deaths that have occurred. Here you can clearly see the contrast that many more bombs have fallen than killing. In addition, you can see the amount of homeless and destroyed houses. Here you can clearly see that the homeless are very many. And finally there are several important buildings that have been destroyed: schools, churches and hospitals. This shows that a lot of schools have been destroyed.