Turn-based game

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I made my own turn based game. This game is inspired by Pokémon.

I made this game with Unity. To make this game I used C#. I had some experience with C# from my previous game that i made.

The two players have three Pokémon that they can use. Every turn the player can move a Pókemon two times. When the Pókemon of the players opponent is nearby, the player can attack him. Based on the type of the pókemon the attack can be effective or not effective. The HP of the opponent Pókemon wil be lower. The PP of the Pókemon that attacked wil also be lower. The player wins when all the opponent Pókemon are defeaterd.

For this game I animated the Pókemon myself. I did this with the tool Maya. The Pókemon have animations like walking, attacking and spawning.